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TIGRE - Paintbrushes


Challenge: Tigre is the leader brand in construction tool, managing specific sub brand for painting tools. After several changes in both brands,Tigre Artist and Professional were facing a low level of recognition in POS, despite the strength of its umbrella brand, much better positioned and consolidated in consumer's mind.


Solution: Redesign and rename the two product lines to integrate them with the umbrella brand – Tigre Painting Tools. The visual identity, based in the same grid, had specific adaptations for each product line.


Result: Improvement of brand consistency and awareness helped to boost sales.


Brand Design

Brand Identity

Brand Architecture

Brandbook Design

Package Design

Collateral Design

Retail Design

Versão positiva do logotipo.

Padrão de assinatura de comunicação TIGRE - Ferramentas para Pintura.

Grafismos dos segmentos de produtos da linha imobiliária.

Logotipo da identidade visual TIGRE - Ferramentas para Pintura linha Artística.

Exemplo de estande TIGRE - Ferramentas para Pintura linha Artística grande.

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